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What Clients Say

“Marilyn Minger is an angel in attorney’s clothes! She helped me during a very difficult situation. She helped me realize that the steps I took were necessary and not as scary as I, at first, thought. I highly recommend Marilyn to anyone who needs an honest, straight-forward lawyer who knows her business.”  

Lillian P.


“The Minger Law Firm is one of the most capable and knowledgeable firms that I have ever employed. A bit of background on myself- I am a retired California General Contractor and Real Estate Developer who has worked with numerous attorneys over a 50 year career. Most encounters were to do regulatory compliance to develop low income housing and to defend against tenant lawsuits.

The senior attorney, Marilyn Minger, is very efficient and bills at reasonable rates. In addition, she is very ethical in only billing for research directly related to case issues. I highly recommend her firm for any issues involving real estate transactions or Chapter 7, 13, and 11 bankruptcy filings. My specific knowledge is of her winning a case against Citi Mortgage and Penny Mac and resetting asset values 35% lower against them in a Chapter 11 small business case.

John M.

We are a debt relief agency helping people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.